Terra Nova
Getting started
Terra Nova is a Minecraft server with a map of Earth. There is a live map. This map is around 40000x20000 blocks big, so there is enough to explore! You can join the server with the IP: mcterranova.com. When you go on the server, you will have to go about 100 blocks from spawn to build. Use /help to see everything you need to know about the server and the commands. Beware that outside of towns, your builds are not protected from griefers!

Our economy is based on gold ingots. Which means that every gold ingot can be exchanged for $1 in-game currency. This can be done at the spawn or at player shops. You can use gold to start a town or to buy things. To make a shop, right-click with a stick on a slab.

You can buy flying machines at spawn. To add fuel to your plane, shift and right-click your plane. Make sure to place your plane on a runway or flat surface, because the plane might explode if you crash it!

Towns are protected regions and griefing is not allowed in towns. Use /help towny in-game to see the standard commands for Towny. It is possible to teleport to your own town by using /town home. This is the only teleport command in the server.
Vote for the server and get 1 VotePoint per vote! You can exchange your VotePoints for gold and in-game items by using /voteshop
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